A total of 24 posts spaced 8’ one way and 6’6” are used. There are two additional posts supporting
the extension.
The beams were then constructed on top of the posts. These consist of three treated 10x2’x with two
½”ply in between. Each layer of the beam is glued and screwed to the next. The end result is a beam
24 ft long, 10” high and 6” thick. The beams will be tied into the posts with metal plates.
For our purposes the Foundation construction will consist of all activities up to and including the
sub floor.
Mississippi House - Foundation

Nov-Dec 2007 – Construction started in November with the installation of the four corner
foundation posts.
The foundation posts are treated 6x6’s each 48” long. They are placed in holes 18” in diameter and
40” deep. Each hole has 6” of concrete below the post bottom. The four corner post holes were
hand dug, all remaining holes will be dug using a machine.
Over the Christmas/New Year period the remaining posts were installed. A bobcat with post hole
digger was used. This made the digging much quicker. Two post still remain to be installed (I ran
out of sand to make the concrete).

Feb 2008 - Beams nearly finished, extension foundation has been added

April 2008 - Foundation complete, level, square, and braced

Next will be the under floor plumbing, insulation and sub floor