Next the floor Joists are installed. Blocking is installed every 8ft.
Then insulation is laid between the joists and the sub floor installed on top. I only got one row of
sub floor down this trip.
The entire site was covered with tarpaulins to protect from the weather.
July 4 2008  – Pegboard completed and insulation laid.
Sub floor completed. Material is Advantech. While this is a OSB material it is supposed to be
weather proof for up to six months.
The extension area floor will be completed next time.
Just to be extra safe Barbara painted the entire floor with an oil based primer and two coats of
exterior latex.
The frame is there to hold up the tarpaulin to make a tent. The tarp is laying over the extension which
has not yet got a floor. The extension is 8ft x 10ft but I intend to lengthen it to 8x16 to provide some
additional storage.
Mississippi House - Sub Floor

April 2008  – With the Foundation complete the next step is to rough in the plumbing, waster
water, and conduit for future wiring.

May 2008  – Plastic laid on the ground to reduce moisture under the floor. Next I installed peg
board to sit under the floor joists. This will hold the insulation in place and, hopefully, prevent mice
from nesting in the insulation. Once the joists are installed I nailed the pegboard to the joists.
Sept 1 2008  – Complete the extension
I made the extension a little larger. You can see the new construction to the right. This will allow me
to add a storage/Pantry area.
Peg board is down and floor joists laid out. You can also see where the main water supply
comes into the building. I am using Pex throughout. Water has also been run to either side to
supply outside taps.
The floor is down and just needs a little trimming around the edges. Barbara will paint the extension
to provide extra protection. I also raised the center support to make a better “tent” to cover the
entire floor.
Next I started on the foundations for the front deck
To make better use of the space and to meet the new design the main floor is being extended by
two feet and the extension (now the living room by 8 feet.
Beginning the Framing