1999 - The car was purchased online in ?month of 1999. I flew to Devils Lake North
Dakota to drive the car home. The following pictures show the car prior to picking it up in
North Dakota.
1999-2001 - I drove the car on and off for the following year.
2001-2002 - In May of 2001 we stripped the car down in preparation for the rebuild. The
car was completely disassembled for a "ground up" restoration.
The body was media blasted inside and out, including the underside. At this point the doors,
hood and fenders were not blasted.
The rebuild was started from the ground up. Any rust found in the body and frame rails was
repaired. All running gear was replaced or rebuilt. Brakes, front and rear, new brake lines, new
fuel tank and fuel lines, all new suspension and steering components.
The underside and engine bay were then undercoated and/or prepared for paint.
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The plan was to purchase a 72 Mustang Convertible (Josephs choice) and then for Joseph
and I to restore the car. When it was completed the car would be Josephs.
Mustang Project