The transmission has been reinstalled as have the new brake lines.
The interior is painted.
At this point there was a significant change in circumstances. I moved from Littleton Colorado to Baton
Rouge Louisiana.
The decision was made to reassemble the car as quickly as possible and continue with the restoration at
a later date.
With all the essential systems repaired, the car was repainted (Maaco) and reassembled. Joe then drove
the car for the next couple of years, however due to insurance costs the car sat for a significant time.
2004 - In ? month of 2004 I drove the car from Littleton Colorado to Baton Rouge. Shortly after
phase two of the restoration began.
The doors, trunk lid, hood, and Fenders were all stripped down, as was the paint applied by Maaco.
Rust was found in the doors, and was repaired:
Rust was also found in the right rear of the trunk lid:
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